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Swim The Fly (2009)

by Don Calame(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 3
076364157X (ISBN13: 9780763641573)
Candlewick Press
Swim the Fly
review 1: Don't look for politically correct humour in this novel and I'm not sure how this would "fly" in a school library, but if you can breathe through the goal of these characters ( to see a girl naked) and the almost creepy stalking way they try to achieve this goal, you will laugh out loud reading it. I'm glad Matt can't swim the butterfly, seems like a pretty tough move to me too. But it's not about the goals in this story it's about the crazy characters and their irreverent methods they use to achieve their goals and desires.
review 2: I absolutely LOVED this book. I started it before dinner, and finished by bedtime. It was hysterical. I laughed so hard that I had tears streaming down my face. And I am not talking about just laughing once to one comment, b
... moreut for several pages in a row ("That's what she said!"). It reminded me of how I used to read Judy Blum's book about female adolescence at the very time I was going through all that teenage angst. Now I have a teenaged son, so this gives me some insight into what he will be going through (YIKES---it might have been better to stay in denial). less
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its an amazing book. i would love to read it again and again. i need this book!
Funny funny funny. The things boys will do to see a girl naked...
I liked this one better than Carter Finally Gets It
3 and a half stars
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