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Lord Rakehell's Love (The Curse Of True Love, #1) (2000)

by Donna Cummings(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I one-clicked Lord Rakehell's Love (and Lord Wastrel) shortly after reading lovely reviews of it from Lexxie @Unconventional Book Views. I'm eager to get to the next installment as Lord Rakehell's Love was every bit the delight Lexxie promised it would be.Aphrodite is bored and decides she wants to dabble in matchmaking, in Regency London no less. She and Ares set about it but decide there should be a little challenge in it. They decide their couple should be one seemingly ill-suited for one another...a rake and a wallflower.Georgiana Kirkwood is a wallflower but a beautiful, clever, and witty one. Simon Blakely, Lord of Winbourne, is better known as Lord Rakehell among the ton. He is dashing and a complete rogue. But it's his roguish ways that attract Georgiana in the fir... morest place. After a whirlwind courtship, their wedding day has arrived...but the groom has not. Following the fallout, I liked seeing the softer side of Simon. The side of him that is beside himself for the mistake he made. He was desperate to win Georgiana back. Georgiana wants to forgive Simon. But she's worried the risk may cause her even more heartache. I liked seeing her sensible side. She's not going to accept Simon back so easily.The banter between Georgiana and Simon is so playful and witty. The chemistry between them is clear and it was easy to see the attraction between them was solid. This is a short, sweet read and I was pretty satisfied with the story. Although I always enjoy lots of character development and would have enjoyed more here, I didn't find the story lacking. The humor in it all made it delightful. And I enjoyed meeting Lord Wastrel, Simon's friend, as well as Felicia, Georgiana's friend and confidante. The next book involves them. I'm keen to see what Aphrodite has in store for them.
review 2: Lord Rakehell's Love (The Curse of True Love #1) - Donna Cummings I'll start by saying I guess I'm not a Historical Novel kind of gal. I read a short novella in this genre and maybe I read a full novel years and years ago. I gave this a try since I loved other books by Donna ("I do or die" had me on the floor laughing!) and since I believe in trying out new things, and reading "outside of my comfort zone" (which is VERY comfortable ;))Maybe I'm too used to how we interact "now-days" and its strange for me to think of the "old-days" donno. Anyhow this was a nice sweet story. maybe a bit too short. but I'd recommend this to whom enjoys this genre. As usual in novellas, I'm no writing about the plot (more than you can read in the description of the novella) since any word might be a spoiler. less
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Lovely novella! Looks like a great start to her new series! Full review coming.
I loved even tough it was a short book.
Cute, quick read.
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