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The Secret Of The Glass (2010)

by Donna Russo Morin(Favorite Author)
3.41 of 5 Votes: 3
0758226926 (ISBN13: 9780758226921)
review 1: A historical novel set in Renaissance Venice--a woman who is secretly working as a master glass blower--a deed that would ruin her social reputation and bring down the family--and filled with the history of Venice of that day. That's just what was a problem for me. I like to know the politics of the times and some of the key players, but this went on for pages and pages, and I think the love story just got lost. Sophie is now betrothed to a man who only wants her family money, who has clear intent of putting her mother and two unmarried sisters in a convent rather than seek husbands for her, and who just wants to seek his own pleasure and intellectual pursuits. Sophie must find a way to keep her secret joy of glass blowing or find a way to endure her marriage, or find ... morea way to be with the man who is quickly becoming essential to her future happiness, and it isn't her betrothed. Good story in many ways. Just way too much history and political information.
review 2: Having read The Courtier's Secret and enjoyed it for the most part, I gladly forked over ten dollars to Amazon for this book and gleefully picked it up. A quarter into it, I realized I wasted my money. WAY too many adjectives. I don't need to know a building's entire history as well as facade and color. Who cares how the dresses blow in the wind exactly?? One word would be adequate. I don't need nine. The prose.. tho I realize these are not women of the 21st century, they are a good 16, 17 years old and I found their prose utterly childish. A DNF for me but my ten bucks allows me to post my thoughts. less
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It took to long to get me hooked. It was okay.
I thought this was a cute book.
Kept getting distracted
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