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Helen's Big World: The Life Of Helen Keller (2012)

by Doreen Rappaport(Favorite Author)
4.25 of 5 Votes: 5
078680890X (ISBN13: 9780786808908)
review 1: I think Rappaport did a great job telling the story of Helen Keller. In this book it talks about the life of Helen starting from when she was a baby up until Annie Sullivan passed away. It talks about her losing her sight, hearing and speech, all of frustrations and the journey she was able to complete with the help of Annie Sullivan and she was able to go to college, learn sign language, write a book, travel around the world and give speeches all the way up until she died. I like that it presented actual facts and started from the beginning all the way until the end and showed her struggles as well as her strengths to overcoming her disability and being able to do such wonderful things. I liked that they actually used the words from Helen’s own autobiography. This nonfi... morection book is in the form of a biography that is intended for children in grades first through third grade. According to the checklist this book covers all aspects in the illustrations section, seven out of seven in the story section and six out of eight in cultural considerations. This relates to my topic because it is women’s rights and women activist.
review 2: There is so much to like about this book: the title of book written in braille on the cover, Helen's own words featured on every page, the manual language chart on the end pages, the author/illustrator notes, the list of important dates, the well-written story or the illustrations that accurately portray the action and emotions of the story. This is the perfect picture book biography about Helen Keller to share with young readers. less
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Wow. Inspirational, gorgeous biography. Love the way the quotes are woven through the story.
I love everything about this book - superb illustrations and writing.
A wonderful introduction to Helen Keller for elementary readers.
Similar to Martin's Big Words, good biography
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