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Beyond Courage: The Untold Story Of Jewish Resistance During The Holocaust (2012)

by Doreen Rappaport(Favorite Author)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 5
0763629766 (ISBN13: 9780763629762)
Candlewick Press
review 1: This book was amazing and I agree is very much needed. The only reason this book didn't get one of my "10 out of 5 star ratings" is that I think it is written over the heads of the group it is targeted towards. I found it on my library's Juvenile shelf. I can't see the normal juvenile reader understanding the completeness of this book. I agree with another reviewer who felt it should be more targeted to the middle school/high school reader.
review 2: I loved this book. The author choose certain people that survived the holocaust and told their stories. This book also describes the numerous escapes that the Jews tried to stage against the Nazi's. I really liked that there were tons of pictures in the book. It showed the horrors of the Holocaust and added imager
... morey for the detail in the text. There were pictures of the concentration camps and other things that were a part of daily life in Nazi Germany. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to learn about the Holocaust. Good book. less
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Fascinating to read about the Jewish resistance. Loved the stories of courage and heroism.
Astounding stories of resistance during the Holocaust. Required reading.
I am currently listening to the audio version of this book.
A fantastic look at a lost part of history.
Very emotional and great book
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