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Sliding Beneath The Surface (2011)

by Doug Dillon(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 3
0983368414 (ISBN13: 9780983368410)
Old St. Augustine Publications
The St. Augustine Trilogy
review 1: I was given this story for an honest review and I have to say I loved this story. I loved the unique world the author created. I like the characters and there strengths.15 y/o Jeff Golden having strange dreams and strong Paranormal experiences confided in his friend Carla. Carla tries her best to help him she is a strong, sassy, confident girl. You have to love the strong confident types. She knew a shaman named Lobo who tries to help Jeff along there path the three of them went thru this historical battle with lots of supernatural experiences. I was hooked and had to keep reading to find out what happens. I cant wait to read book 2. Thank you again Doug Dillon for letting me review your work of art. Its always nice to read a story about the state you live in too..I woul... mored recommend this book to anyone who loves Paranormal stories, If you haven't read this book you should. This story would be great for middle school kids and young adults.
review 2: An interesting way of telling a story however I thought the narrative style was a little too old for a 15 year old to be telling it. The premises for this book were interesting as I am spiritual and do believe in some of the things said in this story but I felt the writing was a little too descriptive. It felt like it took too long to get wherever they were going. From the book blurb I thought this would be more of a paranormal story in a sense that they would be against some paranormal evil but they actually ended up in a historical battle which I didn’t expect. Still an interesting read. less
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Loved it! This is an awesome read for any age from young teenager to adult!
Review coming soon.
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