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Hot Girl (2008)

by Dream Jordan(Favorite Author)
4.3 of 5 Votes: 1
0312382847 (ISBN13: 9780312382841)
St. Martin's Griffin
review 1: The book hot girl is about a girl named Kate and her best friend Felicia went away to Africa on a trip. Kate meets a girl named Naleejah and at first she doesn't like her because of her personality. But Naleejah gives Kate a make over and Kate starts to catch the eye of her crush Charles. Eventually Kate and Charles chill at a party and they almost get it in. but Kate finds out that Charles and Naleejah already got it in !
review 2: This scintillating novel is a must read! I finished it in a day. I believe it is definitely intended for a teen audience but I loved every second of it. The witty and laugh out loud narration by Kate was my favorite part of all. If I ever write a book I always say it would be in this particular manner that this author so eloquently
... moreportrayed. Kate learns so many lessons that anyone reading this book would be forced to acknowledge and hopefully learn from. The one thing that comes to mind while reading this book was what my mother used to always ask me, "If "so and so" jumped off a bridge would you?" You can't always do what your friends do, or be a follower and Kate realized this before it was too late. I will be passing this novel on to my younger siblings for sure. less
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this girl nick names people by people looking at them
A Reall good book =] its a 5 starr
this book was great
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