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Paying The Rent (2012)

by Dylan Cross(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Two girls in the big city cannot believe their luck when they find the right apartment at an unbeleivable price. ^ months in the rent is reviewed and they find they cannot afford the rent. They appeal to the landlord and he explains there are other ways to pay the rent. They walk out in disgust, find a third girl to share the rent. The rent is increased again until they can no longer aford it and have to look to other ways. The landlord wants their bodies and to treat them rough. Four months down the line they are dreading his visit and choose straws to determine who will greet him and satisfy his demands. Little to two of the girls know that the third member is eager to meet his demands.
review 2: The premise that the rent was going up so regularly and by such
... more huge amounts because the landlord was hard up just didn't seem believable. When they finally tell him they can't pay he readily suggests they sell sex to pay the rent? We go from someone answering the door to a nipple bashing scene in one line! We move into a sort of bird's eye view of some sex going on in another room. I found the whole thing very disjointed and off putting. The sex was poorly written with too many fragments and little imagination. Sorry to say, I didn't enjoy it at all. less
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Reviewed on Smashwords awhile ago- I'd love to see more done with these characters
A very short story but I still enjoyed it, especially the little twist at the end.
No lo lean...
loved it
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