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Returned (2012)

by E.D. Brady(Favorite Author)
4.67 of 5 Votes: 5
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The Vistira Trilogy
review 1: `Returned`was the best of the trilogy capturing adventure, scfy and romance within its pages. The adventure is born when Catherine who is captured by Dinora, has to be rescued, and Vistira has to be liberated from its collision course with the other dimension. New characters are born; Max, Cora and Annie`s unflappable grandfather Nephlus who was supposedly dead for years, and Dinora, the half human, half Krogillian. Mysteries in the novel are explained and new ones born; the source of Annie`s power to create doorways between the dimensions is explained, and another power is discovered. What I didn`t like about the book was the continual weeping of the characters when faced with a challenge, as well as the overly obsessive love and explicit sexual relationships. The story w... moreas good enough that it didn`t need this added boost and diminished it in many ways. I`m undecided as to whether or not I will read further novels by this author.
review 2: Brooke is unaware that she is part of a catastrophic chain of events that have been set in motion. With her recent engagement leaving her less than thrilled, she becomes involved in a steamy affair with a handsome man she meets on the subway. But when this man and his friends kidnap her, she realizes that her whole life has been a lie. She is forced to rely on her captors to help her navigate the destruction thrust upon them. Together, they must save not one, but two worlds. less
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Yup, I'm giving myself five stars. It's lame, I know!
The very best of the three. I want more!
Great conclusion.
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