Long Male Hairstyles of 2017

Long male hairstyles are back in vogue, according to their popularity in 2017.

Last year, male fashion took a turn for the alternative. This is best exemplified by the hairstyles frequently seen on men, both young and old. While experimenting with looks is not necessarily news, the fact that longer lengths are beginning to become more prevalent among men is certainly a welcome change. After years of drab crew cuts and embarrassing spiky frosted tips, long flowing locks promise an interesting year ahead in male hairstyles.

Stand-Out Long Haircuts from Last Year

The man bun fade revitalized the man-bun mania that hit the mainstream just a few years ago. This hairstyle owes its relevance, in large part, to the fade. A recent Twitter poll showed that people favor an undercut or a fade over other popular hairstyle. The fade adds a level of detail and daring that signals a man’s self-awareness in how he presents himself. When paired with a longer haircut on the top of the head, usually tied into a knot or bun, the man bun fade creates an eye-catching contrast of lengths.
Another contender for the title of 2017’s most popular long male hairstyle is what some people are calling the Bro Flow. The cut is essentially medium-to-long layers of hair that is pushed back, away from the face in a manner such that hair appears to flow backwards. Although the “Bro” moniker may be potentially off putting, the style itself is classier than its name–celebrities like Bradley Cooper and Matthew McConaughey have been photographed on red-carpet events with this lax bro cut.

Longer Layers for All Ages

Long hair isn’t just for young rebels anymore. As society begins to examine its preconceived notions about men’s style, it gradually lessens the harsh judgements on those who challenge . Case in point, the figure of the lone rebel with long flowing hair is becoming an obsolete trope in popular culture as more and more men experiment with these hairstyles in real time, often discussing these choices with their barber or peers. This shift in cultural perception has an effect on older generations as well; Millennials as well as Baby Boomers have found the Bro Flow to be a suitable for their personal style standards.

What You Need to Pull off Long Layers

In order to style your hair into a Bro Flow, you need to let it grow for a month or two. This doesn’t have to mean completely abandoning your barber. A trim every four to six weeks can help lessen the effect of the awkward growing phase, and your stylist might even have some grooming tips for the meantime.

The next thing you’ll need is confidence. This style of grooming pushes hair out of the way, putting the face and hairline on display. The hairline especially can be a tricky obstacle to get over for many men, as thinning hair and recession can be a source of anxiety or embarrassment. However, if you have a thinning hairline but still want to let your hair flow backwards, you still have options.

So You Want Long Hair But You Have a Receding Hairline

Repairing a dwindling hairline can look to be an uphill struggle, but it does not need to be. The initial step towards doing this will be research–that will quickly show that medications manufactured for hair loss don’t normally function on the frontal hairline area. The same is true for “natural” remedies found on many DIY treatment websites. In reality, a hair transplant is usually the most reliable choice for those who wish to reverse the development of baldness.

Hair transplant surgeries are usually divided into two groups: the conventional FUSS procedure, commonly known as strip surgery, in addition to the FUE operation. Strip surgeries try to reverse baldness by cutting a flap of skin in the rear of your head in order to harvest those hair follicles–which can leave a visible linear scar on the back of the head. FUE procedures take a less invasive approach by extracting grafts in individual units via a punch tool. To this end, Dr. U in Los Angeles has designed an intelligent punch tool, the Dr.UPunch i, that allows him to extract hair from virtually anywhere on the head and body, expanding the amount of grafts he can provide his patients, as well as the caliber of hairs. Picking the right quality of hair for a delicate operation such as a hairline restoration is critical for producing the best results.

Video- Fixing Pluggy Hairline For Bro Flow Hair

Watch the video below to see an example of a hairline restoration using the Dr. UGraft method. The patient in the video visited the Dr. U Hair and Skin Clinic in order to address the beginning stages of his hairline recession. In a history-making case, Dr. U harvested donor grafts from the patient’s leg and implanted them in the hairline for a soft, natural looking result.

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