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The Supernatural Enhancements (2014)

by Edgar Cantero(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 3
0385538154 (ISBN13: 9780385538152)
review 1: I keep going back and forth of how much I enjoyed this book. I was often times frustrated by some of depictions of the characters, the breezing over of very deep issues, and the lack of development in certain subplots/sub-mysteries--but overall I found the book very engrossing. It was well set-up using a variety of means to convey tone and information (from letters to security footage transcripts) in a way that was interesting and effective, it's setting was competent and useful for the mood (and I particularly enjoyed the X-Files and Secret of Monkey Island references), and the main mystery was very original and well-done. Even if I have some problems with the previously mentioned issues and can't decide the exact measurement of HOW MUCH I liked it, it is definitely worth... more a read if you ever get the chance.
review 2: Not my typical choice, but I thoroughly enjoyed this and devoured it! Told through journal entries, notes written by Niamh (the mute Irish girl who accompanies A. on his trip), dream journals, video camera footage explained and recordings played back and ciphers...this clever sci-fi novel tells the tale of A's inheritance of a "haunted" mansion in Virginia, where his second cousin twice removed committed suicide in the same way on the same day when he was the same age as his father. What A and Niamh discover there is not what you expect and the story that follows is original, clever and absorbing! less
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Probably my favorite book of the year. Clever, cool, smart, playful, fantastic, frightening and fun!
It falls apart in the final thirty to forty pages, but everything before that is greatness.
Fiction C2299s 2014
Wow!! Awesome!!
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