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Lola, California (2011)

by Edie Meidav(Favorite Author)
3.1 of 5 Votes: 4
0374109265 (ISBN13: 9780374109264)
Farrar, Straus and Giroux
review 1: The prose here would likely be classified as "lyrical," though the narrative seemed to sort of drift by like pretty little pieces of whatnot in the wind; nothing was really grounded and nothing really grabbed me and pulled me in. At times the writing is tryingly lyrical, meaning it gets somewhat annoying; Meidav is clearly a talented writer, but you want these characters to matter, to say something sincere and not hidden behind hipster insouciance. There are bits and pieces here that resonate, but overall I never felt invested in the book.
review 2: This book made me too mad to finish. I barely got into it and was bothered by the writing style. It was very wordy. The author says she likes to be very visual with her writing but I think it just bogs down the s
... moretory b/c it takes so long to weed through the legthy sentences. Plus a book filled with over 100 words I don't know is not my cup of tea. I don't think of myself as unintelligent but this is how this made me feel. And it bothered me to feel like the author was trying to make me feel this way. less
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I only gave it one star, but I would have given it less only the website won't let me!
Done with this one...! Nasty book - unreadable!
Lots of words- not enough behind them.
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