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The Polish Boxer (2012)

by Eduardo Halfon(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 1
1934137537 (ISBN13: 9781934137536)
Bellevue Literary Press
review 1: As a fictional meditation on fiction it was a clever and fresh take. Enjoyed the connected stories and the sense of the narrator searching for his past. However, I ended up having a hard time identifying with the main character and found his world weary hyper sophisticated aesthete pose a little wearying. Not that i take this as a self portrait of the artist, but it seems to invoke the unreliable narrator technique, which is fine when it works and the narrative voice engages us, but this guy just kind of got my nerves with his incessant theorizing about art. Some brilliant sketches though: especially post war torn serbia and its hollow, dehmanized population.
review 2: It's a short and easy read, a riveting and bewildering, yet enjoyable story. The plot do
... morees not play out in any traditional manner of storytelling, which is why I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone who does not handle that well. I found this book more interesting in its structure and approach to book writing than as a book itself. Probably, I would need to read it again to gain further understanding of it. less
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Took me a while to get into it - is it a memoir, a novel? - but I think in the end I quite liked it.
Apparently I didn't "get it" like other reviewers did.
Short, poetic novel. Worth seeking out.
a good novel
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