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Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair With Trash (2012)

by Edward Humes(Favorite Author)
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1583334343 (ISBN13: 9781583334348)
review 1: Fascinating study of the unfathomable amount of trash Americans produce. I've already been plastic water bottle free for two years after watching the "Tapped" documentary now I have a lot of great ideas and motivation for decreasing my own footprint starting with plastic bags and packaging. The most interesting line in the book is "trash tells the truth." Seems we overestimate what we recycle and reuse and underestimate the amount of garbage we produce. Our trash is where we put the broken things, what we no longer need or value, and what we want out of sight. Fascinating.
review 2: Reading the first part of the book, I felt hopeless thinking about the 102-ton legacy of trash that we all leave behind. The imagery of the plastics in the oceans and the piles u
... morepon piles of garbage in the landfills were horrifying. In the last section, though, the author discusses how some communities and even some individuals have managed to clean up their garbage act. Although I clearly have a ways to go to improve my wasteful habits, it gave me hope that change is possible. An enlightening read about the truth of garbage. less
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I feel it is a must read for all in this consumeristic society, to understand our waste production
Fantastic and easy to read! This book will make you reconsider your habits!
An important read if you're a living person on this planet.
An informative book about how we are trashing our planet
What an eye opening book.
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