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Eliot Coleman's Winter Harvest Handbook: Four Season Vegetable Production For The 21st Century (2009)

by Eliot Coleman(Favorite Author)
4.3 of 5 Votes: 3
1603580816 (ISBN13: 9781603580816)
Chelsea Green Publishing
review 1: Wonderful and helpful book. After many, many years of experience, Coleman has distilled much of his knowledge to this very manageable book. He does not try to cover all of the basics of growing food, but works you through the specifics of winter crop production. This book is very much aimed at small-scale farmers who are looking to increase their growing season and hopefully profit. His discussions of profitability and marketing are very helpful throughout the book. He not only gives the plans for his moveable greenhouse, but also suggests specific crops that he has found are best for production. Armed with this information, many more growers could be equipped and inspired to grow in all four seasons.
review 2: Amazing read. I am very inspired by this boo
... morek and by the author to try out a similar method of gardening/farming; altering, testing and observing differences and changes due to the difference in climate here. I have been thoroughly bitten by the gardening/farming bug. Many of the underlying principals that have driven the author in his work are ideas that can be transferred to an entirely different field It isn't a book about just putting plants in the ground and watering them, it is a book about farming and also about a way of thinking. I would want to shelve this title under gardening or farming, but I also want to shelve it under philosophy. I will be reading this book again and I can't wait for his other book to arrive. less
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Growing vegetables all winter in Maine?! Fascinating and inspiring.
This is the 2009 edition.Maybe find the 2010 edition with an ILL.
I find this book to be extremely exciting!
So helpful and clear.
Excellent book.
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