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Cozy Light, Cozy Night (2013)

by Elisa Kleven(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 1
1939547024 (ISBN13: 9781939547026)
Creston Books
review 1: Cozy Light, Cozy Night by Elisa KlevenLove the cover of this book as a quilter I know each square represents a story and this book is about a year's worth of adventure for a child.Illustrated, very colorful children's book about the different seasons of the year and what a child can do during each one. I particularly like the fall because there isso many fun things to do with the colored leaves...of the 19 pages I really liked them all. I think we all need to get out and play more in the fresh air,like us older folk grew up doing-get unplugged from the play stations and tv and go outside and enjoy it.There is SO much to see on these pages, go over them every night for a week and you will see new things.I received this book from Net Galley JKSCommunications via Creston Book... mores in exchange for my honest review.
review 2: Filled with luminously colored and vividly detailed illustrations, this picture book in rhyming text celebrates that feeling of coziness so often associated with family and home. As the seasons change over the course of the year, all sorts of objects, including dreams, cocoa, birds, sweaters, and apples are described as being cozy. There is little doubt that anyone reading this book won't feel that same way. less
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Nice rhyming text. Must pour over and read the pictures. Rich with detail.
warm, quiltish illustrations and a very good poem about seasons and family
This would be a great book for storytime about seasons and bedtime.
Beautiful picture book. Rich artwork.
Ice cream? Cozy?!?!? Yes!
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