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Deep Autumn Heat (2012)

by Elisabeth Barrett(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 4
0345534336 (ISBN13: 9780345534330)
Star Harbor
review 1: I found this particularly slow to start off but once I got over "this who everyone is" it picked a great pace with great storyline.Sebastian Grayson (Seb), is chef, New York restaurant extraordinaire, personality, Star Harbor's resident bad boy and giant pain the bun to Lexie Meyer.Lexie is Star Harbor's resident all round good girl, owner of LMK restaurant and catering company she has been set up there for a few years and has become good friends with most of the towns people. She meets her match when none other than Sab Grayson visits with his 3 brothers Cole local cop, Theo the wickedly handsome writer and Val, district attorney, over Labour Day weekend. They come for breakfast one morning and Lexie is a little struck by Seb, and feeling is really mutual. While serving t... morehe brothers Seb uses his typical arrogance thinking she is "just the waitress" little does he know heat hits him when he finds out Lexie is the owner and chef of the well known Coconut Cakes (this holds quite a resemblance through the whole book).Seb realises his mistake when his brothers rip him, and tries to find a way to get Lexie to forgive him, she... not so interested. He makes her uncomfortable in all the right ways, but Lexie has a past and she has no interest in another man messing with her again, just a shame Seb doesn't get that message.He pursues Lexie, and after a time Lexie gives into him, with 1 kiss, and what mighty kiss it is. Seb soon discovers that his feelings for Lexie are more than just hot sex with a hot fiery woman. She doesn't do much to put him off either.The 3 decide a truce will be set with a back off - crab cakes to be exact. Seb brings in his entourage, and film crews. She sets about bringing Sebastian down and with judges it is decided that the cook off is a tie.While Lexie deals with a crazy stalker type leaving notes on her back door of LMK, she finds she need Cole and Seb more than ever. her past comes back to haunt her and Seb recalled back to New York to his own restaurant she finds herself alone and missing him, but 3 little words sends into a spin and a new world of heartache. Lexie must decide if wanting Seb is more than having her own restaurant and catering company...This story finishes with a lot of drama, but very well written. I found my hearting beating very fast a number of times. The question is - is it Cole who saves the day or will Seb realise what he is missing and come back for her?
review 2: was a very good book. I thought it was going to be just a simple romance but what a got was a mystery as well. Lexi is hiding from her ex-boyfriend hoping that he has forgotten about her & gotten on with his life. Sebastian is home for the yearly remembrance of his father's death with his brothers. Upon meeting Lexi, Sebastian is taken with her & the fact that she's a chef like himself is a plus. Trouble & egos get in the way in this romance. Is a definite recommend to read. Looking forward to the next book Blaze of Winter. less
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Would have preferred more drama and suspense but all in all a good love story
Love this series of stories about the Grayson brothers! Lexie and Sebastian
I really like the mystery in this series. The characters are addicting!
6/10/2013: $0.99 on Kindle
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