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Kalte Gräber (2014)

by Elizabeth Heiter(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 3
MIRA Taschenbuch
The Profiler
review 1: I waivered about reading this book several times but then when I say and read a glowing review by one of my fellow reader friends, I thought ok, I have to read this book. So reading the review and the fact that this book is in my favorite genre, I did not give a second thought to picking it up to read. The book started out good. The cops find the bodies of several women who had been buried in the ground. It set up the story. It was even explained as a little as to why the killer buried the women. The next scene was intense with Evelyn getting kidnapped and fighting her way to freedom. Then the action stopped and the story began. It seemed to move slow without much more happening from the killer or the police. In fact, it seemed like the only one giving any input was Evelyn... more. Everyone else was unforgettable. I got to chapter six and nothing new was happening in the story. It even was a struggle to get to chapter six. I was reading like 1 chapter at a time or trying to finish at least 1 chapter at a time. I finally could go no longer and have to put this book down.
review 2: I only made it 150 pages into this book before I gave up. It could very well be that I am maxed out on the genre, but there was absolutely nothing to draw me into the heroine or the killer in this serial killer novel. Even the profile that was pushed by the "profiler" was something that I could have come up with from watching CSI and reading a few novels of the same type. The romantic connection and interest was forced and too many similarly named characters with no development was confusing. I am aware that this a debut author but I was less than impressed. less
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Great debut novel. Can't wait to read her next one "Vanished" coming in 2015
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