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Cautious (2013)

by Elizabeth Nelson(Favorite Author)
3.49 of 5 Votes: 6
Bristlecone Books
review 1: The book felt too rushed.Instead of Aaron, the hero of this book, being your typical alpha character in a romance, he gives off the creepy stalker vibe. He meets the heroine in a grocery store (after pulling her from the wreckage of a car accident the night before) basically tells her she's going to go to dinner with him.They go to dinner on his boat, and of course, they have sex - I'm not prudent, so it wasn't a big deal - but he immediately called her baby afterwards, and does the whole "You're mine" thing. The creep stalker vibe, of our hero gets worse, when he's trying to reach the heroine who he just barely met by calling multiple times, texting and going by her apartment "a few times", he recounts a past relationship with a woman who had "stolen his heart the moment ... morethey met. Just like Misty." Keep in mind, all these phone calls and texts and driving by her apartment is only 1 day after their first date/hook up - creepy!You know how serial killers and other psychopaths in movies say "Just like my mother" before they try to kill someone? That's what the line in the book reminded me off.Anyway - he's remembers how the woman he lived with left him and how he had punched holes in 3 walls and broken a window. He tells himself that he's not controlling just dominate in the bedroom and then dials the heroine's number again. The author ends that scene stating "he had to "refrain from throwing his cell phone at the wall."I didn't do more than skim over the sex scenes - they were okay.I'm thinking it should have been 50% longer for the author to let the readers know more about the hero and heroine and make you believe this relationship.
review 2: My first read by Elizabeth. Let’s start with a sexy firefighter and a women named Misty. Misty breaks of her relationship with a big cheater who ends up getting someone close to her pregnant, you’ll have to read to find out who. She moves away, gets in a car accident and is rescued by the gorgeous firefighter Aaron. Misty’s sister Amanda comes to her aid and helps her out for a while. Misty keeps running into Mr. Firefighter and soon sparks fly and not being able to control the fire, they have some pretty hot sex scenes, warning this is an 18+ story due to the erotic sex scenes and description. This is a quick read, wish it hadn’t ended so quickly. Twists and turns throughout the storyline. less
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I enjoyed this book but it could of been made longer. I finished it way to quickly.
3.5 stars Love the book cover. HOT!Love Aaron. :)Story is very good but it's rush.
Cautious was a really good quick read. Elizabeth Nelson did a great job.
This was a short story, and it was a bit predictable.
This was a nice sweet short story. .
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