Christmas Ever After

This is a sexy-hallmark Christmas story. From the get go you know where this story is going but it is worth reading for the laugh-out-loud moments.
Sky is a beautiful, talented, warm and care-free artist  and jewellery maker, who is about to have her first London exhibit. It’s a huge moment in her career and, to top it all off, her highfalutin boyfriend is going to join her.
It’s almost Christmas and it’s all so magical…Cut to our next key character, Alex Hunter. What a name, and what a man. He’s handsome, brawny, and intelligent and fell into being a tv presenter. What’s not to like? He sounds like a history-loving Bear Grills. Alex and Sky are acquainted and Alex is on his way to Sky’s exhibition as a favour to their mutual friends who are based in the US. However, Alex and Sky are not friendly. In fact, when they last met they drove each other crazy and just couldn’t get along. And there is no possibility of you forgetting that fact, because every second sentence is a reminder of this.
Do you see what I see? A very predictable story arc? Yes, but entertaining.
So, without giving too much away, the pair are thrown together and they uncover more about each other’s personal lives and personalities and realise they may have rushed to certain conclusions.
This is where it gets sexy. Somehow, they figure that getting naked together will solve a lot of their problems, because that’s worked before! The build up is great. A lot of forewords until you get to the action. And once you get there, it seems that’s all they can talk about. Even driving becomes close to impossible as the pair struggle to restrain their libidos which have gone into over drive.
Some highlights include: ‘He stood, trying to work out how he could be dizzy when he wasn’t the one had banged his head.’
‘He had more sex appeal than should be allowed in one man.’ Immediately followed by: ‘The moment he’d stepped out of the shower naked was embedded in her brain. It was as if her brain had turned into a Pinterest board, covered with images of Alec.’
This is just a snapshot of the classic love lines throughout. It took almost twice as long as it should to read the book because I was saving all the good moments for our book club debrief. And I’ll leave you there too. If you are looking for a bit of fun and a very easy read, this is the way to go.

This was our festive book of choice and it was a lot of fun to read. It’s a truly terrible story, badly written and repetitive but it was a great talking piece. It’s fun and frivolous and if you can suspend every literary bone in your body give this go. Oh, and it’s a trilogy, so there is even more entertainment to come.

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