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Catch My Fall (2013)

by Ella Fox(Favorite Author)
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review 1: You know I've been talking to Ella on Twitter for months now. We have the best naughty conversations #TwitterAfterDark. I promised myself that I needed to read all the books I kept pushing back in 2014. So I chose 10 books I wanted to knock out my Kindle. This one was one of them. I would also like to say that not once did Ella push me into reading it. Why Ella? Why? I now give you permission to say: "B, read my shit!!"I would like to start off by saying: FINALLY. A broken soul, Mia Reeves, who yes is pretty messed up after quite a few traumatic events. Let me be honest, it's fucked up what happens to her. I hate her sperm donor and I hate his puppet Brady even more. I would like to skin those two alive, or maybe tie them up and cut their balls off and make a shake and fee... mored it to them after I wire their jaws shut together. I'm sorry I went a little postal there. Not only is it messed up what happens to Mia, but what happens to her BFF Macy for not wanting to listen to her in the first place is even worse. How can these two girls survive? I'll tell you how. With the support of some real people who always stood by them. Mia's Mom and Macy's parents. Sadly they were from a small town and what happens in a small town? Everyone talks. Specially when the people involved have money. I'm going to give a small spoiler because I need to explain why the girls were separated for a while. Macy has a nervous breakdown and is placed into a mental institution in another town and Mia decides to go elsewhere for college. Away from it all. Can you blame her? Absolutely not.It seems that we always get into the male character more than the female. Not that Tristan Chamberlain doesn't deserve the praise. He's perfect I tell you. And guess what else? He has a twin...Gaaahhhhh, Trace. Those damn Doublemint Gum commercials kept playing in my head except Tristan and Trace were naked. I can't help it ok. So anyways, Tristan also has a few issues which have made him the "Bad Boy" that he is. It's not easy what happened to him and Trace either. These two had their own rough times. Thanks to her Bad Ass roommate Darby Mckenzie and a "forgotten" pen they meet. I knew right away that these two, Mia and Tristan, needed each other. They needed to fix each other. I won't share anymore spoilers because it's absolutely Beautiful every first they have. You feel it right in the bottom of your stomach and maybe even in the back of your cold little hearts. Yup I'll admit even some scenes had me choking and tearing up. Darby was just perfect for the story also. I feel like she gave Mia some hope. I wanted to hug them and eat ice cream and chocolates like if we all had our periods while watching The Notebook or some sappy movie that requires many tissues. There are just so many emotions. I guess you can say that Tristan was the runner. It was awful because Mia trusted him enough to tell him everything. I was a little upset at him but not for long. Darby knew it wasn't her place, but she also knew she needed to tell Mia what was going on. But what I loved the most was how Mia fought for Love. Fought for Tristan. When the going got tough, she didn't give up. Yes, Thank You Mia, thank you so very much for not being weak. Tristan and Mia were each other's Healers, Heroes❤️HEA? There are quite a few and I'm keeping my big ass lips sealed. This story wasn't rushed. I loved the pace and how everything worked out. Their relationship, the many great characters, the surprises, the firsts, the struggles, secrets, everything blended in just right. There is this one specific scene I was cursing in both English and Spanish. The scene needed to be there though. Why? Because that character needs No Redemption. Burn that Motherfucker. Anyways...read it. It's worth it!PS...I want the next book NOW!!!
review 2: Ella Fox has become one of my favorite authors and I love all her books so much because they are engaging and there's a but of suspense in her books. This book was no different. I love the characters Mia, Tristan, Darby, Trace, Macy. Mia proves that she's a strong person after a traumatic past and ends up saving Tristan who thinks he's worthless. They save each other. I won't give much away. Just read this book and you'll be amazed. :) less
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Brilliant book that deals with some truly harrowing things looking forward to book two
really enjoyed this book. Can't wait for book 2.
Great book!Review to come...
Good book ....
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