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A New Dawn: Your Favorite Authors On Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series (2008)

by Ellen Hopkins(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 2
0979233151 (ISBN13: 9780979233159)
review 1: It was very interesting to read some author's opinions on the Twilight books. I was surprised to see that most of them liked the books for I am not that huge of a fan any more. You could tell that some them aren't exactly Twihards but they wouldn't state it. I would have liked to see some authors that honestly say they did not like these books. It would have been nice ti hear both sides. I was also interesting to see how the authors approach these essays. Rachel Caine defiantly that the most original approach. Loved it!
review 2: Have read many of the essays on smartpopbooks.com and there are some standouts, some misses. I was expecting some of the analysis to go a bit deeper, but I suppose that isn't fair considering the depth of the original series (which, fo
... morer the record, I did enjoy). 'Twas nice to revisit some of the passages from the books and there were moments of inspired writing. I recommend for anyone needing a Twilight fix. less
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Was really hoping there would be some serious critics in this. Oh well.
looks can be deceiving but true love knows no boundaries
I liked the Point of view and I liked the topic
This book was good.
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