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With This Kiss: Part Two (2013)

by Eloisa James(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 2
0062276948 (ISBN13: 9780062276940)
Avon Impulse
With This Kiss
review 1: Everything was going fine until...he takes her virginity. In a moving carriage. Not even realizing he's doing it. Because he's in a laudanum-induced haze. :OHow is that even possible? I-just-I don't even...I'm flabbergasted. I really am.This is a first.But it's okay, because he didn't "rape" her, he just "ravished" her.On the douchebag scale of 1-5, with 5 being a Complete and Utter Asshat, I give this guy a 4. I don't care if you're super muscular and in the Navy, man. You suck.She should've stuck with the Scottish dude.P.S. I'm just having a streak of really shitty heroes in Eloisa James novels lately. Have they always been this way, and I'm just noticing it now? Or is it really a more recent thing?
review 2: In part two of this regency serial, Colin Barry is
... more brought home from the sea, having been injured during his service in the Navy. His days as a captain are over and there is the prospect that he may be forever blind.He arrives at the home of the duke and asks for shelter till he can depart for the country. The duchess summons a doctor who administers laudnum to him against his wishes. Grace hatches a plan to take Colin to Arbor house, so that he may recouperate. She does so with her mother's cooperation. She also leaves her fiance behind. less
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This book was sweet but the heroin should have been more attractive than described.
Awww poor Grace!
Sweet story
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