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3 Weeks With Lady X (2000)

by Eloisa James(Favorite Author)
4.1 of 5 Votes: 4
Desperate Duchesses
review 1: Eloisa James has perfected her formula with another rousing historical romance. Beautiful, independent Lady Xenobia, daughter of a marquess, and in the vanguard of interior decoration as a career, has firm ideas about marriage. Se's decided that when she marries, her husband must leave her to run the household without interference, and if he should choose to spend much time elsewhere, so much the better. Then she is employed by her friend te Duchess of Villiers to renovate a decrepit country estate for her stepson, Thorn Dautry, bastard son of the Duke, and passion inevitably follows, but does love?
review 2: WHile I absolutely adored the beginning and middle of this novel, the ending was so overwrought and melodramatic that it went from being a five star read
... moreto possibly or barely a three. The letters between India and Thorn were my favorite part. The secondary love story would have been more satisfying if it did feel so rushed and if there had been more detail.I did love Rose. She was interesting and believable. I also really liked the letters at the end of the novel. This is the only book in the series that I have read and it is fine as a stand alone. less
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Horrible. Another book of EJ that I couldn't get the strength to finish.
I love the witty banter, but the second half dragged on.
I liked this one a good punch line
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