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Best Intentions (2009)

by Emily Listfield(Favorite Author)
3.44 of 5 Votes: 2
1416576711 (ISBN13: 9781416576716)
review 1: As far as mysteries go, I thought this one was a snooze. The writing was actually pretty good, and kept the novel moving, but aside from some character development, it could have tried harder. The main character, Lisa's, best friend ends up murdered, and there are many suspects, including Lisa's own husband. The conclusion was pretty much what I figured it to be. I just didn't get why I should have cared.
review 2: Emily Listfield is a painter of words & Best Intentions proves it.Each word was a stroke of color whispered across an artist's canvas.Emily is a shimmering pearl on the verge of discovery by more than a select few.This story was a intricate blend of contemporary fiction, women's fiction & suspense.Looks like Ms. Listfield created her own genre jam pa
... morecked w/reputable, sultry delicious reading.Best Intentions is much more than a gripping page-turner. It also shines a light on the human condition. All with trust @ its core.Trust. Simple word wielding so many emotions & so much power. So, what does it mean to trust? How does one trust? The question of trust is what unravels the juicy goodness that is Best Intentions.Emily created a truly remarkable heroine in Lisa Barkley. She is an empowering female who isn't weak or a delicate hothouse flower who depends on her husband, Sam, to make the world "right". less
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wasn't as good as I hoped. ended up skimming through the last half just to find out what happened.
Just started this on Saturday. Just learning the characters but it is easy to get in to.
Quick read. Many twists, turns and unexpected consequences. Very good book.
Interesting plot and realistic characters.
Not my cup of tea.
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