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Um Amor Ao Luar (2014)

by Emma Wildes(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 2
Editorial Planeta
Whispers of Scandal
review 1: Normalmente os livros da Emma Wildes prendem-me mais do que aconteceu neste. Embora tenha gostado da história de Elena e Ran, tudo pareceu acontecer demasiado rápido!Na realidade, a relação entre Ben e Alicia é que me interessou mais enquanto leitora, assim como todo o mistério relacionado com o rapto de Elena e Ran. Talvez por isso a historia não me tenha prendido tanto, porque esperava outro desfecho, no mínimo, esperava que se encontrasse o culpado, que se percebesse a sua motivação.Embora ja tivesse compreendido quem tinha dado "o pontapé de saída" para tudo o que aconteceu, antes de uma das personagens o confirmar, não foi de maneira alguma esclarecedor a ponto de tirar as duvidas ao leitor.Do que gostei mesmo (e apenas porque já tinha o segundo livro da... more série em casa, digo já!), foi da forma como a autora terminou o livro. Li o excerto do livro seguinte e fiquei de imediato curiosa, porque mais uma vez teremos Ben e Alicia como protagonistas. E esse casal sim, merece a minha atenção! Portanto sigo para o próximo livro na esperança de descobrir de uma vez quem está por detrás deste rapto :)
review 2: Emma Wildes is one of my favorite historical romance authors, and I absolutely adore what she's doing with this series. It's a wonderful blend of mystery and romance.From reading the synopsis, one would be led to believe that Elena and Ben are the romantic pairing in this book. That is so not the case. As with some other books by Ms. Wildes that I've read, there are two romance plots instead of the standard one.Lady Elena Morrow and the notorious rake, Randolph Raines, Viscount Andrews awaken to find themselves locked together in an unknown room, minus most of their clothes. It becomes clear to the two of them that someone has set them up to become the unwilling participants in an enormous scandal. But who? And why?Enter Benjamin Wallace, the Earl of Heathton, and his wife of six months, Alicia (who is also Elena's cousin). Benjamin is entreated by Elena's distraught father to help find his missing daughter. At the same time, Alicia has grown tired of the rather proper and boring relationship between her and her new husband, and yearns for something more. She decides to try to shake things up a bit. Theirs was not a love match at the time of their marriage, and Alicia wishes for her and Ben to get to know each other better to have a more fulfilling married life, instead of the almost separate (except when they have very proper, perfunctory sex) lives they lead. So she issues somewhat of an ultimatium: she would like them to know each other better before resuming their bedroom activities.Alicia also becomes involved in helping her husband investigate the disappearances of Elena and Ran.Now, all this sounds like it would make for a very busy book, and indeed it does, but the three story lines: the kidnapping of Ran and Elena, their burgeoning romance, and the romance between Ben and Alicia, all blend together quite organically and naturally. I didn't feel that any of them got shorted in deference to either of the other.That being said, I definitely preferred the storyline between Ben and Alicia. I am somewhat of a sucker for an already-married-couple-falling-in-love story line and this fit the bill nicely. Though, I really did enjoy Ran and Elena's story, but I found that I did have to force myself a couple of times to not rush through their scenes to get back to Ben and Alicia.And both romances had satisfactory conclusions at the end of the book, and I cannot wait to see how Ben and Alicia's relationship progresses in the next book.The mystery itself was intriguing, and while it was solved in one aspect, it also opened the door to a much larger one that I'm sure will be expanded on in the next book in the series. less
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Refreshingly different. True, some parts were unrealistic but its fiction.
Weak plot...weak steam
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