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Memory Of Water (2014)

by Emmi Itäranta(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 1
0062326155 (ISBN13: 9780062326157)
Harper Voyager
review 1: Experts say that our wars over oil will be nothing compared to what will come with wars over water, I wanted to see what this first-time novelist's take would be on the subject. Dark, as expected. A bit unexpected, the Finnish world blended with tea ceremonies like those of the Japanese. A strong female lead character with tremendous courage and integrity. Not sure if a 3- or 4-star rating is my reaction. Maybe 3.5? I'm glad I read it.
review 2: A great bit of world building, telling the story of a young tea master (strong eastern influences having arrived) in Scandinavia in a future time when climate change has changed the world pretty radically. The story itself eventually is a bit blah, but the writing and the general dismay at "what were those earlier gener
... moreations thinking?" is actually quite lovely. Water is precious and magical and really really scarce. less
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A very interesting post-apocalypse novel, beautifully written and with a very disturbing last act.
A very possible future for our Earth . Scary possible.
a great story well written
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