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Little Boy Lost (2000)

by Eric Hobbs(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 4
The Librarian
review 1: "Little Boy Lost (Librarian Book #1)" by Eric Hobbs is a lovely little book for children that combines reading fun, adventure and issues such as bullying in a most entertaining and sweet way.In the Astoria library books come to life and middle school kids Wesley and Taylor become involved in a battle to save the library.The book is written just right, with fun and some serious notes. Sadly it is only the beginning and the solution to some of the problems will have to wait until book two.The characters are very likeable and realistic and I had a great time reading this book.
review 2: This gets a 5 star from me as far as readability for mid-grade kids. I don't read younger children's books, and I probably won't read another one of Eric's, but I looked at it fro
... morem a young reader's standpoint. The school situations were believable, and the story itself had strong elements of mystery and a sense of fantasy. I will have to say The Librarian would have been my best friend growing up, because I was honestly "that kid". This is a series your kids will love to read. Enjoy. less
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Clever story line but brief. It has good qualities but just couldn't bring me in totally.
Loved it...the premise is fantastic, much like Cornelia Funke's Inkheart.
its a good book....cheers to Eric Hobbs for writing dis book
Received this as a free Kindle download...a fun read.
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