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The Creative Destruction Of Medicine: How The Digital Revolution Will Create Better Health Care (2012)

by Eric J. Topol(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 4
0465025501 (ISBN13: 9780465025503)
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review 1: Great update on the current state of digital healthcare and many more ideas to look forward to. Quantifying everything is the future and healthcare is moving toward that as well. Dr. Topol provides his insight on the future of technology, individual medicine and better efficiency as well as concerns for these medical innovations. The book was a quick read. I have little background in genetics, so I got totally lost in that part of the book, but it was worth the read. I would recommend this to anyone that is in the field of medicine and healthcare, especially innovators that want to contribute to the digital revolution.
review 2: A great overview of some of the cutting edge changes in health care technology that have the potential to considerably alter the
... moreway in which we deliver and practice medical care in the United States. Instead of being merely a techno-tour of medical technologies (as Topol himself words it) this book benefits from Topol's distinctive thesis that the technologies he surveys could lead to a paradigm shift in how medicine is currently practiced. While technical in some parts, Topol remains an accessible writer that can be read by specialists and non-specialists alike. While I would have liked some more critical analysis of some of the technologies; that was not the purpose of this book. This book is aimed at starting important conversations about how we structure and deliver medicine in the 21st century, and as such, it is a great introduction. less
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A book about the future from one of the rare champions of technology from the medical community.
Took awhile to get through. Not captivated by it yet the vision is incredible .
work-related, highly recommended by a very intelligent woman I met today.
Personal manifesto posed as a novel on medicine.
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