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Chicken Butt (2009)

by Erica S. Perl(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 2
0810983257 (ISBN13: 9780810983250)
Harry N. Abrams
review 1: “Chicken Butt” by Erica S. Perl is a patterned book that is meant for Nursery to Primary children. This book was about the joke when you say “Guess what?” the person answers “What?”, and then you say “Chicken Butt!” The book begins with a father reading his newspaper, and his son asks “you know what?” The father answers “what?” And the son replies “Chicken butt!” and then he keeps asking questions that have references to answers with chicken in them. The father finally has had enough, and tells him to stop. Then the son asks “Hey, you know what?” The father says “Not again.” Then after arguing whether the son is going to say it again or not, he says “Monkey Butt!” It is a very funny book, I laughed a lot, and I am twenty one years ol... mored, so I can only imagine how much a child would laugh at this book. This book if for around 4-5 year olds, because I think it’s a good story time book, or something for the child to read when they are able to, because it has simple words. The illustrations in the story are fun, and silly. The lines in the book are clear and definitive. The color is bright and soothing. The style of art is like it is from a cartoon. The chicken pictures were my favorite part. The colors were bright. They made me giggle. I enjoyed that the words had different fonts and colors. If you want to make your child laugh, then this book is perfect. Children think the word butt is so silly, and they can’t get enough of it.
review 2: Don't deny it, every one of you at one point in your elementary school years said, "Guess what?". Then after your victim said, "What?", you gleefully responded, "CHICKEN BUTT!" That is exactly what one young boy does to his older brother in the first few pages of this book. The rest of the book is variations upon the same phrase. The illustrations are fun. Overall I wasn't too impressed with this book. Kids will love it because it will give them the excuse to say "CHICKEN BUTT!!!!" over and over and over. less
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Just plain fun... my kids were laughing the whole time we read. :)
I don't know why I love books about tushies and underwear, lol.
Annoyingly funny book!
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