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Pythians Anvisningar (2012)

by Erik Axl Sund(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 3
9185785571 (ISBN13: 9789185785575)
Victoria Bergmans svaghet
review 1: Even though I really, really liked the last book too, it had me disappointed way too often and I felt so, so betrayed at times. Especially in terms of Gao Lian and Victoria Bergmann. However, I fell head over heels for the characters of Hurtig and Andrić (did you know that Ivo Andrić, the actual one, won the Nobel Prize for Literature?). I'm glad I'm going to be able to read more about Ivo in the new series though. I don't know about the other characters, but I quickly browsed through "Glaskroppar" and noticed Ivo's name, so.. yay!
review 2: I was actually kind of disappointed in this book. I got my hopes up in the second part of the trilogy but when it came to the ending and all the conclusions I was longing for...it was just too much. Too much of everything
... more. There's the mystic cult, the child abuse, the cannibalism, the multiple personalities, the bullying, the lesbian love story, the kidnappings and murders and human smuggling, some references to the holocaust that just seem far-fetched, and oh yes, the human centipede...even though I just finished this book I couldn't re-tell the story even if I was paid to do it. It's just so complicated, so far out, so many characters, I just got tired of it all. I liked the first book okay, the second book a lot, but the ending of it all...nah. less
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J'ai été moins convaincu par ce dernier tome mais malgré tout je recommande la série.
Serien var bra, men är inte särskilt nöjd med slutet.
Läs den! Läs dem alla tre!
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