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In The Garden Of Beasts: Love, Terror, And An American Family In Hitler's Berlin (2011)

by Erik Larson(Favorite Author)
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0307408841 (ISBN13: 9780307408846)
review 1: It was so interesting to read this book and see how seemingly oblivious the people of Germany, and those foreigners who were in the country, were to the rise of Hitler's power. Even more amazing was the very blase reaction of the people high up in the US government once they were informed what was going on. Very well written, giving the reader a bird's-eye view into some of the events preceding WWII.
review 2: This my third book by this author. I very much enjoy how Erik Larson can take an event or period in history and make it come to life. I've never really read a book on Nazi Germany, more so on the Soviet Union during this time, so I found it very interesting. The politics and environment that allowed Hitler, Goebbels, Goring, Himmler, etc. to come t
... moreo power, not to mention how they stayed in power given all the warning signs. And then there are activities of the foreign affairs representatives... It's all very... It's very... Sad and pathetic. The book is certainly no Unbroken, but still good. I would have loved to visit Berlin during this time... less
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So disappointing after Devil in the White City. This book was seriously boring.
Loved this book. I am a fan of EriK Larson. I enjoy how he writes
To quote a friend- this would make a great 1 hour TV special.
Excellent book. Based on fact. Could not put it down.
Not my taste. Just couldn't really get into it.
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