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The World According To Musk Ox (2014)

by Erin Cabatingan(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 5
1596437995 (ISBN13: 9781596437999)
Roaring Brook Press
review 1: This wryly-humorous addition to the Musk Ox series finds Zebra and Musk Ox providing a geography lesson of sorts to readers. The two travel the globe, beginning with Africa and ending with South America and a detour to Iceland. Instead of Historical Markers for each continent, there are Hysterical Markers with bits of information provided. Although readers may not learn a great deal about each spot, they'll have fun flying through the book and laughing at Musk Ox's droll observations and the long-suffering but patient Zebra.
review 2: Oh, my. I did not think it was possible, but I have found the funniest travel book on the planet, and I have just read it from cover to cover and wish I could unread it so I could read it for the first time again. Musk Ox has had
... moreprevious picture book adventures, but this, by far, is his best. From the dedications to the author info and on every page in between, this book made me laugh out loud and say, "hmmm, who knew!" over and over again. It's a keeper! less
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This is a humorous trip to all of the continents that sneaks in a few facts at the same time.
Not a lot of facts, but just a little bit to tease readers to want to learn more.
Geography lessons from obnoxious musk ox and zebra. The formula is wearing thin.
This was not what I expected, but quite funny.
funny, geography educational.
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