6 Reasons To Read Far From You by Tess Sharpe.

Hey guys! I recently re-read Far From You by Tess Sharpe and it reminded me how much I freaking love that book. So I’m here to persuade you all with 6 amazing reasons to read it!

341 pages.
Published: March 27th 2014.
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Nine months. Two weeks. Six days.

That’s how long recovering addict Sophie’s been drug-free. Four months ago her best friend, Mina, died in what everyone believes was a drug deal gone wrong – a deal they think Sophie set up. Only Sophie knows the truth. She and Mina shared a secret, but there was no drug deal. Mina was deliberately murdered.

Forced into rehab for an addiction she’d already beaten, Sophie’s finally out and on the trail of the killer—but can she track them down before they come for her? 


Incredible Characters
These characters are all so important, they have depth and a complexity to them that pulls you into the story and you can’t help but be invested! The protagonist, Sophie, in particular is my favorite, she has a past with substance abuse, she’s bisexual and her best friend and first love has been murdered, so she’s dealing with a lot of grief as well.

Heavy subjects dealt with correctly
This book has a lot of heavy aspects to it—drug use, disabilities, accidents and murder—and the author handles those things perfectly. It’s never brushed over or magically going away when it’s not “useful” to the storyline anymore. It also has good bi representation.

The plot
Honestly, this was just so well thought? A recovering dug addict who sees Mina, the most important person in the world to her, murdered but can’t do anything about it because everyone thinks it’s her fault. Fast forward four months and she’s finally able to investigate who the killer is. The twist of “who did it” was so good, I love when I can’t see it coming like that.

Emotionally driven
This story is definitely driven by the emotional aspects of it. With the main character trying to solve the murder of her best friend and lover along with the brother of the victim, who happens to be in love with our protagonist, creating a somewhat love triangle—but in the best way possible since all of the characters involved are fucking amazing—so that’s certified to leave you a broken mess after you finish it.

Two timelines
I love books/tv shows/movies that are told in two different timelines—usually past and present—because it leaves you on your toes all the time trying to piece it all together. In this book, it ties everything together beautifully, giving you a glimpse of the lost love between Sophie and Mina, breaking your heart at every step.

The writing
Sharpe definitely knows how to captivate you with her writing. Once you start, you can’t put it down and it’s just so painfully enchanting. Here’s my favorite quotes:

“But my heart isn’t simple or straightforward. It’s a complicated mess of wants and needs, boys and girls: soft, rough, and everything in between, an ever-shifting precipice from which to fall.”  “But this is the thing about struggling out of that hole you’ve put yourself in: the higher you climb, the farther you have to fall.”  “We walk into the rest of our lives together, not knowing it’ll end before it’s truly started.”  “Later, I stare at his face in the moonlight and wonder if he can tell I kissed him like I already know the shape of his lips. Like I’ve mapped them in my mind, in another life. Learned them from another person who shared his eyes and nose and mouth, but who is never coming back.” 

Have you guys read this book before? If not, are my reasons good enough to make you want to pick it up?

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