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With The Enemy (2011)

by Eva Gray(Favorite Author)
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0545317037 (ISBN13: 9780545317030)
Scholastic Paperbacks
Tomorrow Girls
review 1: I literally just finished this books, like five minutes ago. Now I am very excited to move onto the last one. I think that this book is very good for the younger generation of dystopian readers. I mean, not to young. It's not as graphic and it doesn't go into as much detail as The Hunger Games for example. So far, I love this entire series. I really like how they all seem to end with cliff hangers and there are surprises at the end of every chapter.I really enjoyed the romance that goes on between Alonzo and Evelyn and also between Ryan and Louisa. I like Helen and Troy particularly, because it wasn't until the end of the book that I realized their names. It's like Helen and Troy, no, Hellen of Troy as in the greek myths. They also go onto use the mythical creature, the Ph... moreoenix, in the book as well.I would recommend this book to readers around the ages of eleven, twelve, or thirteen maybe. I really think that if you are into dystopian stuff, that you would really like this.
review 2: A couple of weeks ago, I read the book series "Tomorrow Girls" in English without using a dictionary. It has a 4-book series and 4 different main character speak in the each different book. So, when I started reading the second one, I really got confused because in the second one, the main character was different from the first book.The book series was so interesting that I couldn't put down my Kindle, and I finished reading all of them for 2 weeks. The story belongs to the near future novel and 13 year-old teenaged 4 girls save the world. While surviving the world, they try to save the world and you can enjoy reading their growing processes. You can feel as if you are with them. There are full of thrill. Although each book was fun, my favorite one is the first book and I like the main character of the book. The book series help me improving my reading speed a lot. The books series became the best books ever for me in this year! less
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This was pretty good... Each book is getting better and better!
Another great story in the series.
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