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Intrigued And Enchanted (2014)

by Eva Simone(Favorite Author)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 4
1501020315 (ISBN13: 9781501020315)
review 1: This is a difficult one for me. I'm at 78% and I'm trying very hard not to label this as a DNF. So, I think I'm going to put it down and come back to it later. This was recommended to me by several people in a FB book group I'm in. In part because they enjoyed the book and the other because book two is going to be released soon. So I thought, I'd give it a try. The blurb sounds good and I'm in my lady porn phase of genres right now. I always give an honest review no matter what so I have to say that I was very disappointed with what I've read so far. The billionaire/virgin thing I get but I think what lost me is that the hero is just perfect. He's so cookie cutter, candy coated, I'm going to have 600 teeth pulled because this dude does no wrong. The heroine is just the p... moreoor chick from the wrong side of the track that is just broken. The meet, they fall in love 2 days later, and everything is copasetic, save for the big thing that happens right at the end which allows Mr. Perfect to swoop in on his white horse. I just didn't get it, and it didn't hold my interest...unfortunately. I really wanted to like it because the premise has promise. What also really took away from the story (for me) was the author's use of American English vs. British English. If the characters are American then they should not be saying phrases like "rashers of bacon" or "end of". There are others but those are the ones that stick out to me. My bf is English so I recognize those phrases. I blame the editor(s) and betas for that though. Someone who isn't American wouldn't know that. I'm giving it a 2 1/2 star.
review 2: A seductive tale of meeting Mr.Tall, Dark, and Sexy that everyone would love to have happen to them!Lilly is minding her own business when she is sent flying backwards by a brick wall! Well, not really but that is what it felt like running into him! She was sunk the minute she looked into his eyes! Brandon Redgrave had to be the hottest thing around! And he is pursuing Lilly! How lucky good a girl get? She tries to ignore the pull he has on her, but it is not easily denied. Especially when Brandon won't take no for an answer. When Lilly finally agrees to see him, the sparks fly! He is not only a hunk, he is charming and determined to be her knight in shining armor! Ready to slay her dragons and heat her up at the same time! Brandon is as hot as he looks, and Lilly can't get enough of him! Good thing for her he is determined to take possession of her heart and her body! less
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Lily was a very lucky gal to find someone like Brandon...I love the way he loved her...great book!!!
This was a great book. Romantic & emotional and a great Love story. Highly recommend this book.
I really enjoyed this book. For a first novel, I think that Eva did a wonderful job.
Holy hell!! I am completely intrigued and enchanted by this book!!
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