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Intrigued & Enchanted (2014)

by Eva Simone(Favorite Author)
4.12 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: 3.5-4StarsOK, I truly whipped right through this book and had a huge ass smile on face when I finished:) OK, so why not more than what I rated, well, it all happened so fast. The very start was weird, he was too much alpha and she was frustrating at the start and only the start, I stress but for me their story of love was too much of an instal-love for me..... I would have liked more of a build-up with out the cheesiness that it felt like for me personally. I did love them at the end though and the sex was hot stuff!!!! Again it's just me but it was all too "quick" for me BUT cannot wait to read about Jess and Simon and HOPING that their story it won't be as fast and as corny for me this time!
review 2: Intrigued and Enchanted by Eva Simone def 5 ★★★�
... more��★'s all the way hats off to the talented new writer Eva SimoneThis is a HOT STEAMY love story Brilliant book i really enjoyed this book best romance book i have read in a long while the characters were beautiful friendly & likeable the words flowed as the story unfolded such a easy read its was a sexy read romance, A handsome Alpha male and a strong, independent female. Lots of happiness with some trouble stirred in i loved the sound track i could really imagine brandon singing billionaire songLily Pritchard and Brandon Redgrave meet when they literally bump into each other on the University campus. no spoilers read it for yourself highly recommend it I laughed, cried, and sighed all through the novel. LOVE LOVE LOVED IT Well done Eva Simone less
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Great debut! Holy hot Brandon! Generous, alpha - yes please! I loved this!
I couldn't even make it more than 12% into this book.
This was totally worth staying up all night to read!
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