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The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button And Six Other Stories (1932)

by F. Scott Fitzgerald(Favorite Author)
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0141190191 (ISBN13: 9780141190198)
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review 1: A wonderful collection of short stories; charming, wise and beautifully characterised, yet there is a sadness behind them which I cannot explain, almost a Chekhovian sadness, perhaps it is because most of the stories I read are love stories (of a sort) and present a wistfully romanticised picture of love-whether it be the 'infant prodigy' philosophy student, Horace falling in love with the dancing girl Marcia, or the whimsical tale of Merlin Grainger, book store clerk and his obsession with the ebullient but cruel Caroline as his passes his old age meandering into a mediocrity which would only be punctuated by Caroline's intermittent appearances in his life and of course the pathetic life of Benjamin Button. Yet the books are also very funny and also, strangely enough, a l... moreot more positive and happy and I remember them, still I am unable to shake off the feeling of sadness which seems to emanate from them.But still, all of the stories I read were truly wonderful, Fitzgerald was a masterful short story teller, one of the best and it is a shame that his short stories are not held in a higher regard.
review 2: After watching the film I was interested to read 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'. I was slightly disappointed to learn it was actually a short story and nothing like the film. I think the short story is incredibly difficult to achieve a successful story with, as usually it feels rushed and as if, as a reader, you cannot be fully immersed in the plot or fully get to know the characters. That said, after I had read the stories and put the book down intermittently, I did find the imagery I had constructed in my mind reoccur unexpectedly, which prompted me to think about the stories once again. Therefore on a subconscious level they have affected me in some way; this is always the indication of successful writing. What is more the characters feel very familiar to me and are very vivid in my mind. I think I'd like to read a novel by Fitzgerald as I think I would enjoy that much more out of the constraints which a short-story imposes on writing style. less
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Fitzgerald's telling of stories leave you hanging on to so much...and then there is the void.
It's good to read the classics...just so you can learn what makes them classic.
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