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What Papa Told Me (2010)

by Felice Cohen(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 4
0615372880 (ISBN13: 9780615372884)
review 1: What an important document this is, and what a great job by the writer/editor in capturing the voice of the storyteller and the urgency of the importance of the storytelling. I love it when books inspire me. This one did so in multiple ways. First, it inspired the necessity of voice-capture in a book I'm working on that captures dozens of distinct voices, and second, it inspired me to pursue the publishing of my grandfather's memoirs. Everything's been recorded, I just need to begin the work...
review 2: My Cousin wrote this book to tell her grandfathers story. To be honest......Initially, since I had already read many many books on this time in history, I read it just because she had written it. In retrospect I am SO glad I did. the kids and I ( all on sep
... morearate occassions) devoured it within a few hours or less. I had also given the ten copies I purchased to several friends in hopes of supporting her efforts.... she didnt need me, We all fet the same way... to the point , nicely written and very moving. She now tours various JCC'S and other venues retelling the stories so they should live on and hopefully never be repeated.... WELL DONE FELICE!!!!! We are all very proud of you...for this and all you do. less
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Excellent book. I was so captivated by the story that at the end I became overwhelmed with emotions.
Story of courage and determination. A short book but hugely thought provoking.
This was very good, but very sad!
Great story, so much heart.
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