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Is It Night Or Day? (2010)

by Fern Schumer Chapman(Favorite Author)
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0374177449 (ISBN13: 9780374177447)
Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
review 1: I have been fascinated and touched by stories about the Holocaust since I was a child. Is it Night or Day is the beautifully written story of the author's mother's journey to the United States during World War II as part of the little known One Thousand Children Project. Although the reader (possessed with the knowledge of historical hindsight) knows that Edith is one of the "lucky" ones, you didn't feel as if she was so lucky while reading about her journey to America. Edith left her family behind in Germany to move to America and live with her uncle, her aunt and her cousin in Chicago. Her Aunt Mildred, feeling as if Edith is a burden, is quite cruel to Edith, treating her more like a servant than a niece. I can't wait to share this book with my colleagues in the So... morecial Studies department. It would be a fantastic book to teach students about anti-Semitism in America and the experience of immigrants as the assimilate into American culture.
review 2: This is one of the best historical fiction/bio books on the Holocaust that I have read in recent years. This book is interesting and unique since it tells a different story of what is typically told in regards to the Holocaust. It is the true story of a young girl Edith who is growing up during the war in Germany. Her Jewish family has become isolated since the Nazi have taken over. In order to protect her, her parents send her to Chicago to live with her Uncle and Aunt. What may seem like a happy ending shows us that life for Jews during this time did not necessarily improve once they left Germany. Edith was often treated poorly by her American family and friends. She had to deal with isolation, loss of her family, and becoming a young woman in a new place. I really appreciated how this book gave a lot unknown information related to Jews dealing with the Holocaust. I would recommend this book to high school students or even adult readers interested in this historical time period. less
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Can't wait to have my students start reading this book. Quite a story!
Books like this always make me cry, it was very strong.
Maine Student Book Award Nominee 2011-2012
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