Hardwell & Kill The Buzz- Still the One (Feat. Max Collins)

Recently, Hardwell – the Revealed Recordings boss – released his Hardwell & Friends EP Vol. 1. The EP consists of dancefloor bangers with the likes of KaazeKURA and Maddix, to name a few. Today, Hardwell teams up with Revealed label veteran Kill the Buzz to bring us a new vocal track called ‘Still the One’, which will be a part ofHardwell & Friends EP Vol. 2.. Tapped for vocal duties is Eve 6 lead singer Max Collins.

‘Still the One’ goes down a bit of a different avenue than what we usually hear from Hardwell, giving us flashbacks to ‘Never Say Goodbye’. The song starts off with a soft piano melody covered by uplifting vocals from Collins. The progressive house track then drops into one of those bassdrops that you can’t help but smile and jump around to.

Hardwell and Kill the Buzz’s ‘Still the One’ is out today – bring on the feel-good vibes and give it a listen below.

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