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Limiet (2010)

by Frank Schätzing(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 3
9022997286 (ISBN13: 9789022997284)
Bruna Uitgevers, a.W.
review 1: I was a First Read Winner of this book and I have to say I was a bit intimidated when it first arrived due to its massive size. I was afraid that it would not hold my attention, or possible knock me out if I fell asleep while reading it, but I did not have to worry about it at all, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was really surprised when I read some of the reviews how much they fluctuated, from people liking it to some not even being able to finish the book. I found the characters complex, interesting, likable, some more than others, and I gladly went on this long journey with them. It had plenty of action, intrigue, suspense, awesome villains, and it kept me guessing until the end. Frank Schätzing did an awesome job with this book, and even thought it was my first book ... moreby this Author it won't be my last.
review 2: Whew! Limit is a long read about 1400 pages, and as many characters as a 19th Century Russian novel. Lots of action. Really part thriller and part science fiction. Without giving away too many spoilers, here's the plot. Julian Orley, in the Warren Buffet Really, Really, Rich Club, has invented a space elevator that makes it economical to move Hydrogen-3 (a mineral/oil/gas replacement source found on the moon)to earth. He and his daughter Lynn design a hotel for the rich and famous on the moon.The hotel is very cool and so is the moon. However, not everyone is happy with his success. There is this group called Hydra that wants stop Orley's success. The Chinese are competing with Orley to farm Hydrogen-3, but they haven't figured out how to build an elevator yet. On page 853, I figured out who the head of Hydra was but of course kept reading to see if I was right. Science fiction fans, Detective fiction fans--you will enjoy this! less
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soms wat langdradig door achtergrondinformatie, maar verhaal wel goed
well well written good plot good characters a very good book
Not its best, though.
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