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The Rule Of Evil And The Mask (2013)

by Fuminori Nakamura(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 3
Soho Press
review 1: So it's really 4 1/2 stars, bc it drags for a bit during the last third with a little too much pontificating, but it recovers nicely. Fumihiro's a pretty fascinating lead, alternately depressed and desperate and cold (he reminds me a bit of the lead in Camus's The Stranger, that way), and the hook is so thrilling and frightening that it can propel the reader a long way. Definitely worth reading if you like your entertainment dark.
review 2: Aptly named. Very dark, weird, and disturbing but a compelling read. Noirish and very philosophical on good and evil, this book could turn you off by just reading the dust cover's synopsis. It's something akin to a creation from Hitchcock and Edgar Allan Poe. Lots of karma here and some really unsettling turns in the plot. Y
... moreou never really know where it's going. Some really revolting characters and you keep reading to see if the protagonist is going to do the "right thing," whatever that might be. It's like you are reading a primer on abnormal psychology at times too. Nakamura's first book was just as compelling with a character who did bad things but was basically a good person. In this one you are never quite sure if the protagonist is a good or bad person until the end. The ending was quite a surprise too. less
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"Thinking they can't be forgiven, that's just their own pride." – The Plastic Surgeon
Good book but didn't like the ending, and I didn't like who he ended up with. -_-
It could have been so much more!
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