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Evil And The Mask (2013)

by Fuminori Nakamura(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 3
1616952121 (ISBN13: 9781616952129)
Soho Crime
review 1: Interesting story that begins with the revelation by 11-year old Fumihiro Kuki's elderly father--the only reason he had his son was to continue the Kuki family tradition of raising a child to be "a cancer to the world"; someone who will cause hurt, misery and unavoidable suffering whereever he goes. I recommend it if you like stories with dark tones. Despite his reprehensible acts, I still found Fumihiro to be a likeable protagonist and I was cheering for him the whole time.
review 2: I've not read many novels translated from Japanese in my lifetime, but those I have read all seem to have the same "feel" to them and the narrative structure is different than what I'm used to as an avid consumer of American & British novels. In the Japanese novels I have read,
... moreI'm always shocked at how women are simply objects, often the male protagonist has a strange reverence for one particular woman that never ends well, and the nobility these characters feel because of a perceived sacrifice they make for this woman is odd. I guess I'm saying that the portrayal of masculinity in these novels is interesting, culturally. The underlying moral commentary is also interesting, and I enjoy seeing Western culture being commented on through a different lens. less
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This book was rated as a Best of the Best for August 2013 by Stevo's Book Reviews on the Internet.
Started out pretty well, interesting and different, then lost steam and credibility.
best line: "oh, i didn't know that you are also a cancer" or something like that
Amazing, I can't wait for the third one.
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