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Maiden Rose, Volume 1 (2000)

by Fusanosuke Inariya(Favorite Author)
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1933809574 (ISBN13: 9781933809571)
Maiden Rose
review 1: I don't have enough words to describe how beauiful this manga is. I think I'll never find such a good yaoi or any manga like this ever. The story might been confusing but I think it's the beauty of it all, once you understand the deeps of it (it's almost an obligation to read it at least 3 times, tbh) you can embrace the manga in another level and never let it go. Fusanosuke has this thing that makes all drawings seem with so much feeling and meaningful you get enthralled.It's so sad has been on hiatus for 2 years and might be for another...
review 2: Hyakujitsu no Bara or in English, Maiden Rose, is an ongoing war/romance yaoi manga series that isn't for the faint of heart and having said that, I wouldn’t recommended it for everyone. I’ve seen some pretty
... moreserious arguments on the net with some people hating this manga series and others loving it. There seems to be no happy medium. I’ve got to admit when I started to read Maiden Rose, I had to force myself to continue reading–this isn’t to say that the storyline was awful or anything, it was the graphic content.But like a little trooper I persevered and at the end, I found the characters slowly grew on me (plus I kind of like stories with a military theme). The artistry is well done, the plot interesting and the characters attractive–remember I said those are the three must haves for a decent yaoi. So if you can stomach the brutality you may enjoy it. I don't normally give spoilers, but I will say, not to worry, the brutality does end. Klaus von Wolfstadt (seme) and his family (parents and siblings) visit the Far East to attend a coronation ceremony. After the ceremony Klaus becomes lost, wandering in the gardens surrounding the area and this is where he accidentally meets Taki Reizen (uke). The year is 1918. The young Taki asks Klaus to help him pick some cherry blossoms. He wants the blossoms to put on his ceremonial headgear. Klaus does this and Taki asks if he would become his personal knight.Almost a decade later the two men meet again at a Military Academy (Luckenwalde), where Taki has been sent to learn about European warfare. Klaus is given orders to befriend and protect Taki. A year passes and the two have fallen in love with one another. And this is where the story takes on a twist. Eurote breaks a treaty with the Western Alliance and Taki is deported. The next evening, he and Klaus, have their first romantic encounter (and I use the word romantic loosely). From here on in the sex is brutal and I sense Taki isn't as receptive to Klaus as Klaus would like him to be, which is understandable considering the physical pain and the young man’s status. Klaus is angry and confused. He doesn't want to lose Taki, but due to Taki's status there appears to be no choice. The Reizen family is supposed to be favoured by the gods and the rulers of their country. He is expected to remain celibate until marriage. Knowing this, Taki ends the relationship with Klaus, but this is after Klaus has already sworn to be his knight (which is a sacred oath). And it's the oath that binds them together forever. Both men ended up fighting in the same war from opposite sides. This is where I'll stop my synopsis and allow you to decide. I don't want to ruin the story. As far as semes go, Klaus has one hell of a body and he's hung like a horse! LOL Taki is a typical uke in the beginning. Overall I enjoyed Maiden Rose and look forward to the continuing installments! The sex scenes are very explicit. I give this yaoi four flames for the simple fact of content. less
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This is better than yaoi that is NOT "yaoi for people who don't read yaoi" has any right to be.
My favorite
Oh my.
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