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Maiden Rose, Volume 2 (2010)

by Fusanosuke Inariya(Favorite Author)
4.36 of 5 Votes: 3
1569701636 (ISBN13: 9781569701638)
Digital Manga Publishing
Maiden Rose
review 1: In the second volume, Taki is leading his country to fight against an unknown train that is barreling into their territory. Sending Klaus, his Knight, and a radio operator on a mission to intercept the train in no man's land, Klaus and the radio operator risk being contaminated spiritually by being in no man's land and unable to return home.There was a lot of action in this volume as well. I didn't really enjoy the flashbacks because they were thrown in here and there and it was hard to follow the timeline of the story. At least for me.
review 2: I liked this one better than the first volume only because I felt like there were more emotions between Taki and Klaus. The art and the plot were still very good and this one was a little more intense because it see
... moremed like they were in more danger than before. Curious as to whether there will be a third volume or not because of the way the book ended. I will have to look into that. Either way, I'm loving this series so I'm really hoping there's more of Taki and Klaus' love/hate relationship to come! less
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The plot thickens. Hopefully it does not degenerate into melodrama in book 3.
duh deg2an baca Maiden Rose :) Klaus ---> bergelora ^o^
It's always five stars for Inariya~!
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