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Acting Naughty (2008)

by G.A. Hauser(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 1
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review 1: I wanted to like this book. From the copy, I thought I might enjoy seeing how the scenario played out. And I do have to say the foundation of the story wasn't bad, but I didn't like how it was executed.Both main characters, Keith and Carl, have an annoying habit of acting like overly emotional, weepy women. Any time something remotely stimulating happened, there'd be an abundance of panting, declarations overemphasized with exclamation points and lots of crying.There were moments in the story that were funny, though not always intentionally. For the most part, I found a lot of the descriptions over the top, the dialogue unnatural and usually cheesy and the development of the romantic aspect of the story severely lacking. I think this book would've been improved by stronger... more editing and writing that made the characters and situation seem real, or even plausible.
review 2: I read this on my Kobo, got to the end and exclaimed so loudly my husband came to see what was wrong. I was practically shaking the Kobo to see where the rest of it was. It ends, well, abruptly doesn't cover it. Nothing is resolved, half a dozen plot points are just dangling in the air and I didn't get it. Is there a sequel planned? It might have been an idea to indicate that in some way because as it stands, it's an ending that didn't work for me at all.I did enjoy the start and I thought the sexual tension building up between the leads was really well done. It was edge of the seat stuff, intense, erotic, compelling. Balanced against that was the fact that by the end the dialog between the characters was becoming as cheesy as the dialog of the show they were acting in. It didn't sound real. I would've preferred to keep the crisp separation between script and reality that at the start nicely pointed up the artificial nature of a TV show.ETA Okay, I looked and it is a series. I still think that this left too much unresolved to be viable. Books can be part of a series and yet still stand alone; this one can't. As it is, it's incomplete and unsatisfying. less
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Good Book! Loved the story line and the beginning of a new relationship it was awesome.
LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!It gets even better as it evolves!!!!
Horrible. No more of her books even when they are free.
Will give full review at the end of the series
Really 4.5
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