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The Voyeurs (2012)

by Gabrielle Bell(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 2
098468140X (ISBN13: 9780984681402)
Uncivilized Books
review 1: Gave up on this one. This was like reading someone's scatterbrained journal. I would be interested in a story she was telling, then flip the page and not be able to tell if we were on the same story or a different one. Often, there would be no ending to one story or she'd sort of go off into her imagination, and then BAM we're on a totally different story. She seems like a really interesting person, but this organization of her work just did not sit well with me.
review 2: My favorite part was when Gabrielle likened MySpace to a dorm room ("Would you like to see some funny pictures of me in my youth?", "Would you like to leave a comment in my guestbook?", "Want to see this weird youtube video from the eighties?"). I could relate a lot to Gabrielle a lot, but so
... moremetimes seeing those negative, anxious thoughts written down annoyed me. Overall, I really liked her stories and perspective on her surroundings. less
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I loved this so much. I enjoyed the style of art and related really strongly to the main character.
I wasn't complete sold on this book until the last story. Then I loved it.
Beautiful inside & out.
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