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Cecil Et Jordan À New York (2010)

by Gabrielle Bell(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 4
2756020680 (ISBN13: 9782756020686)
review 1: Hm. There are a couple of real gems in here -- the story about the art teacher and the one about the windowsill birds. Bell tends to either go a bit too far into the abstract or into personal anecdote, and it's best when she balances the two, and when she does it's really really good. As for illustration, I know it's very... deliberately the way it is. But honestly, it's way too restrained for me. I think I'd like it for a single comic at a time, but a whole book, nope, it's not quite fun enough.Sorry, G.
review 2: interesting collection of short stories, graphic novel-style. the one that stands out the most to me is the story about growing up and getting picked on in school - there are implications that they are poor/neglected/mental health issues in the famil
... morey, but never says outright what was going on. very sad. also the story about friendship when they throw the hippy guys into the lake. the stories are full of emotion, but in a subtle way; the characters themselves tend to keep their feelings to themselves, but the awkward pauses and sudden turns or stops expresses a lot of what they may be feeling. less
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I liked the first few stories, but after awhile, I was just bored.
Some of the stories were fantastic and some left me wondering huh?
I dont...know...Maybe I missed something.
Surreal, but enjoyable.
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