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Cecil Y Jordan En Nueva York (2009)

by Gabrielle Bell(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 5
Ediciones La Cúpula
review 1: Some very pretty stories, sweet and melancholy; some other ones, maybe due to her understated style which works really well in some stories, just left me not caring. The one based on the Kate Chopin story, especially, really failed to capture the nuances that made the original story so powerful. In others I was frustrated by the ending--I felt like the story was driving towards something, and ending juuuust before it got there. But still, this was sweet and enjoyable, and some of the stories were really wonderful--Felix, especially, was my favorite.
review 2: ... that Bell's strength -- her gift for understatement, subtlety, matter-of-factness -- might be her weakness, too, in that everything that happens in these stories -- from mundane conversations in coffee
... more shops to kissing scenes to physics-defying dream sequences -- takes on the same introspective, bleached-out tone. Her drawings avoid cartooniness; her words avoid cleverness and decorative flourish; and it all adds up to a lot of clean, quiet moments that never threaten to approach catharsis. Inside this universe, rock bands don't rock, parties aren't festive, and playground fights end with nobody scratched, bruised, or bloodied ............ It's impressive, in a way, how human activity passes through Bell's filter comes out the other side frozen and blanketed with an inch of snow ...... less
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More like 4.5 stars. There are some really superb stories in this collection.
Just weird enough, definitely worth checking out.
Fascinating collection of various stories
liked..title episodefelixrobot DJ
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